There is a solution to home heating problems. Now, high heating bills, humidification problems, hot blasts and cold drafts, furnace inefficiency, and environmental side effects of burning fuels can go the way of black-and-white television, record players, and bias-ply tires.

The benefits of geothermal heating and cooling has been discovered by hundreds of thousands of homeowners nationwide who swear by the comfort it provides and the simplicity of its operation.

Geothermal systems have proven themselves over decades of operation in all parts of the country. Several manufacturers and many contractors in your area provide the competition you need to ensure quality installation and service at a fair price. You owe it to yourself to learn more about the down-to-earth comfort of geothermal heating and cooling for your new, or older, home.

We hope to communicate the benefits of geothermal technology and provide the resources you need to take advantage of geothermal energy in your home.

MGEA 2019 Conference

Michigan Geotherl Energy Association

Lansing Brewery Company
Lansing Michigan
April 27, 11:00 to 4:00

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